Equine Dentistry

Equine Dentistry We are equipped with the latest tools to handle both routine and advanced equine dental issues and oral surgery with the utmost care. Dr. Horbal possesses extensive expertise in the field of equine dentistry, which is the result of both [...]


Sinus & Airway Investigation

Sinus & Airway Investigation We are equipped with modern tools and progressive skills to investigate and treat sinus and airway disease, in a minimally invasive manner in most cases.  This will minimize a horse’s recovery time, improve their appearance cosmetically following surgery, [...]


Dynamic Endoscopy

Dynamic Endoscopy A Dynamic Endoscope allows veterinarians to see the airway and how it is functioning while the horse is at work. The scope can detect any potential disease or malfunction in the horse’s airway. This technology is extremely limited, and currently [...]


Equine Transport

Equine Transport Our custom-made equine transport van was modeled after transports Dr. Horbal saw and used while in Scotland. The maneuverability and relatively small size allows our team to travel to you and your horse(s) with ease.The transport is driven by a doctor [...]