Project Description

Dynamic Endoscopy

A Dynamic Endoscope allows veterinarians to see the airway and how it is functioning while the horse is at work. The scope can detect any potential disease or malfunction in the horse’s airway. This technology is extremely limited, and currently only available at two other locations on the entire East Coast.

A Dynamic Endoscope is important because a lot of sport horses will only have an airway issue during a certain exercise or movement. Often these conditions go without a diagnosis due to the fact that we can not see what is happening during those specific times. The dynamic endoscope allows the airway to be observed during all exercise and movement bringing light to these issues and concerns.

Indications for endoscope use include:

  • Upper Airway Disorders
  • Noise Coming from the Airway During Exercise
  • Poor Performance
  • Exercise Intolerance

The dynamic scope is inserted into the horse’s nostril just as a regular endoscope would be. Once the scope is properly placed it is locked then secured in place by a special nose band that fits comfortably over/under the bridle. A specialty designed saddle pad is then placed on the horse’s back that houses the recording device. A saddle or sulky harness fits over the pad without an issue. Once all the equipment is in place, the horse is then able to start it’s regular exercise routine. A real-time video of the horse’s airways will be watched on a mobile screen. The video that is being watched is also being recorded on a small jump drive so that the veterinarian can later look at the footage in slow motion for a definitive diagnosis.